Do Early Links Work?

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Do our early links work? Will my order get canceled or my account suspended for using them? People ask this a lot.

Cop These Kicks early links come from various sources. Sometimes leaks from the vendors, sometimes tips from fellow sneakerheads. The rest are meticulously decoded by our team of sneakerhead nerds. Decompiling the retailers link generation we can predict the new links even before they build them. So far we’ve had a personal 95% success rate copping kicks from the early links we share. And we don’t hold anything back.

We believe that bots and snipers have tilted the scales in the shoe community to resellers. Resellers can afford to pay for bots because they plan on making hundreds, or even thousands reselling kicks. Luckily for you we provide links that work better than snipers and are safer than bots. Some of the links are even generously donated by people using sniffing bots.

All of our links are 100% safe, meaning you will never get a canceled order, or account suspension for using our early links. Best of all they cost you nothing.

For more information on using our early links, check out our FAQ: How Do Early Links Work?

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