#STEAL – Authentic Bamboo Pillows for $16.50 – LOWEST PRICE YET

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Maybe you’ve missed out, maybe you copped one and now realize you need more. Either way you’re in luck! Our favorite pillow in the world is now at the lowest price we’ve ever seen.


TODAY ONLY – You can grab an authentic Bamboo Pillow for only $19.99. If you add Bamboo Sheet Set and use coupon SALE15 it brings them down to $16.98 a pop! Or, even better, Grab a 2 Pack and use coupon SALE15 and they drop to only $16.50 a piece!


These aren’t the floppy knock-off, or hard as a rock generic ones, this is the real deal. Bamboo rayon cover is smooth as silk, soft as a cloud and naturally keeps your skin cool and your pillow fresh because of it’s antimicrobial properties (great for night-sweaters). Shredded memory foam insert contours to your shoulders and neck offering both support AND comfort. If you wake yup with neck pain, stiff shoulders or headaches, these little miracle workers might be what you need.

And I’m not just talking out of my ass, I’ve replaced every pillow in my house, even the guest bed, with these puppies. If you’re getting lousy sleep or if you only get a few hours a night and need to make the most out of it, give bamboo a try.


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