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The followup to 2016’s super hyped Nintendo NES Classic Mini is coming soon. The SNES Classic is a miniaturized version of the 90’s retro gaming system “Super Nintendo”. Packed with 21 games including the previously unreleased StarFox 2.

While retro game emulation for computers has been around, having the experience on your home TV was something of a novelty. The extremely limited production numbers of the NES Classic drove resale prices through the roof during the 2016 holiday. The prices got so high people have even been reselling generic NES Classic Emulation boxes trying to cash in.

It’s unknown if Nintendo has upped production numbers for the SNES Classic but expect copping one to be difficult while resellers snatch up supply on speculation of a payday. Your best bet is to sign up for alerts and set site monitors for the links below. The official release date is September 29th 2017 but presales will likely be random leading up to the release.

SNES Classic Mini
Release Date 9/29
Amazon US | UK
Best Buy
B&H Photo
Game Stop
Think Geek
Toys R Us UK
Walmart (2 PM DAILY RESTOCK 11/15-11/17)

Super Mini SFC/SNES Console – $29.99

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