Real adults get baller ass towels. 100% Combed Cotton Towels for $2.99

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Luxurious Gold Coast 100% Combed Cotton Towels
– $2.99

  • Made in India from 100% combed cotton
  • Sold as a single towel
  • Generous proportions measuring 26 x 52 inches
  • dry you quickly and efficiently
  • No more damp towels that take days to dry out
  • Comes in a Coral or Blue
  • Machine washable

Cop Because – Those cheap towels you have suck. They do, I’m just being honest. Not only are these towels hugs (2.3 x 4.3 feet) they’re ridiculously high quality. Combed cotton creates a stronger and smoother fabric, something you and your “guests” will notice after a shower.

What Is Combed Cotton?

A pre-weaving process that’s only possible when using the best grades of cotton, the process of “combing” cotton yarns removes the short fibers, leaving a long, smooth, continuous strand. The resulting high-quality yarn has excellent strength and softness, and reduced pilling.

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