Pokémon Go Life Savers Under $50

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Pokémon Go is consuming our lives and chances are, if you’re reading this, yours too. One problem we keep running into is battery life. This little game will occupy your mind for hours and drain your phone’s battery just as quickly. We’ve been picking up some of these deals along the way so we know what’s working and what’s not.


Most of the deals listed are good TODAY ONLY so don’t sleep on these prices if you’re on the hunt.

iPhone 6 Lifeproof Water Proof Case w/Built In Battery

This little baby protects your iPhone from damage and water and includes a 2,600mAh battery built right in. All without making it too bulky!

Price : $119 $48

10,000mAh Solar Battery Pack

Coupon JCZMCHXN for the price above. This battery pack can be recharged in the sun giving you more flexibility when on the go. In my experience solar charging with these guys is slow so don't bring a dead one expecting to charge quick on the go.

Price : $50 $10

KAMASHI 20,000mAh Quick Charge Battery

Use coupon 8KZNDJ7M for price above. This little bugger is solid as a rock, has TONS of juice and charges quick. If your phone drains faster than you can charge it, consider this guy.

Price : $50 $20

2.4w Solar Backpack with Battery Pack

This camo backpack has a 2.4w Solar Panel and a 1600mAh battery to keep you going even after the sun sets. The perfect combo for an all-yak Poké Master.

Price : $30

3w Solar Backpack

If you already have a battery pack but it's not enough, this little puppy pumps 3 watts of power when in the sun. Plug directly into your phone or into your battery pack to keep it topped off.

Price : $129 $36

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