More Crazy MacBook Apple Laptop Deals – Starting at $140

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Yesterday’s insane deal sold out quick, but we found a few more if you missed out. All these deals come with warranties and you can extend it to up to 3 years for under $50. We also tried to point out the benefits and drawbacks of each model.

Apple MacBook for $139
– Great starter if you new to Mac. Easily upgradable. Great for kids or school. Not great for video games.

13″ MacBook Pro $324
 + Free Case – Solid unibody aluminum casing makes this guy tough as nails. Decent graphics for games.

MacBook Air for $339
– Ultra light and portable while still powerful. Crazy battery life. Easily my favorite Apple Laptop. Not very upgradable.

13″ MacBook i5 $455
– This guy has some umph. Powerful i5 processor, upgraded graphics. Now we’re really talking when it comes to power.

15″ MacBook Pro $465
– Great for gamers who want a bigger screen and a dual core video card.

15″ MacBook Pro i7 Quad Core $699
– Large screen, Powerful Graphics, Beastly Processor. Easy to upgrade, this is the computer I personally use. Great for gaming, video editing, photo shop, you name it.


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