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Our mission is quite simple. Provide sneaker news people care about.

Provide good, comprehensive, legitimate reviews of Jordans purchased in person and online.

Sure there are hundreds of reviews on YouTube, but they’re mostly shaky/fuzzy videos of some kid in his bedroom who just mumbles and never gets to the point. We provide concise, detailed reviews of every kind of Jordan you can get your hands on. From legit to fake, real to replica.

We’re taking the chances so you don’t have to.

We order shoes online, photograph them, review them and post it here. Websites can be misleading, with descriptions like “variant” or “unreleased”. They often use stock photos, leaving you to guess what will really show up at your door. Some take credit card, others insist on bank transfers.

We do our best to post accurate descriptions on the shoes so that you know what to expect when you order a pair.


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